About Me

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner.....

Born and raised in London from a family with British and Irish roots. Raised on Glam Rock, Punk and New Romanticism. As a kid, I always felt outside of the mainstream. Few other kids shared the same taste in music, tv or films as me, except for my sister. As a teenager, outside of sport, visual arts were what I loved. I won a Betamax video camera in 1983, and would spend all my free time making crazy home movies with my mates. Outlandish storylines with bizarre props, all usually set in my living room. But I loved what we were able to create with that camera. I then moved into still photography and I studied it in further education. I wonder how many other people can still  remember the smell of developer and fix?  


After working in local government for a few years, I joined the Metropolitan Police in 1993. I was a Police Officer for 20 years, until I retired in 2013. I'd also briefly done some modelling, but in that short space of time, I got to work with some amazing photographers like Vincent Keith and Blake Little. Working with them inspired me to get back behind the camera.  I truly love what I am able to create in the studio. I'm passionate about seeing people stand there in front of the camera and then produce an image of how they really want to see themselves. I look forward to working with you.

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